Some of the Best Rugs Malta Has to Offer

At Asciak Carpets you will find some of the best carpets and rugs Malta has to offer. Rugs help us connect to the spaces we are in. They complete the room and the way that you feel inside it. Area rugs make the home more beautiful as well as any office or other space that they are be placed in, no matter if the reason is functionality or aesthetics.

modern-rugsModern Rugs

Contemporary, or modern rugs many times remind us of modern art. They typically integrate bold design, colours and unusual elements of design. Modern rugs are a great addition to your modern style room.

shaggy rugsShaggy Rugs

These are one of the coolest types of rugs and a very popular choice due to their texture and aesthetic appeal. Some of the first “shag rugs” were woven Flokati rugs from Greece, which cleaners often refer to as sheepdogs, because it’s a big shaggy construction that can sometimes be challenging to wash and brush out smooth, as a sheepdog can be.

flatweave rugsFlatweave Rugs

Flat woven rugs do not have a pile and are usually made from animal, plant or even synthetic materials. They can be made from wool or cotton apart from synthetic materials and can be machine made or woven by hand. Flatweave rugs are generally reversible.

classic rugsClassic Rugs

Traditional Rugs are the Oriental, Persian and the classic design area rugs. These are generally used in the traditional home décor we are familiar with. They typically have patterns and designs that are sometimes centuries old. These type of rugs add elegance and luxury to your surroundings.

carpet runnersCarpet Runners

Carpet runners, or runner rugs as they are sometimes also called are the rectangular-shaped rugs that are generally used for narrow spaces. These fantastic additions help you dress up your home while reducing the odds of an accident. They also prevent damage to your floors where you have high-traffic areas. These rugs are typically narrow and long.

hand knotted rugsHand Knotted & Hand-Tufted Rugs

Hand-tufted rugs are made using high quality wool so that when finished, the product looks similar to a hand-knotted rug. While a hand-knotted rug is created by tying knows, a hand-tufted rug is created without tying knots. Hand-tufted area rugs take much less time to make and are therefore cheaper than hand knotted ones. Hand-tufted rugs are extremely durable. They are however, not considered as one-of-a-kind collector pieces.

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